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My Makes: Piped Cushion

There is something about the look of a piped cushion that makes it appear more complete than any other kind. This was my first attempt at piping so I spent a good while thinking about how it would work.
Such Dotty Piping
You may recognise the fabrics from my drop in seat post, they are for our living/dining space where print on print reigns. I made one piped cushion and the other tucked behind is a straightforward zipped version, it has a bit of a barkcloth like texture which is very tactile.

If you fancy having a go at piping, I found the best guidance in my old seventies sewing books, not only is the advice straightforward but the matchy-matchy styling is something to be seen. There always seems to be great old sewing books in charity shops so do have a look next time you’re out for a mooch.