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Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Sewists: Out Now!

Today is a wonderful day! My book The Sewists is now out there for you, dear reader to purchase and enjoy. It’s the kind of book you can have a little flip through when you need some inspiration. The type of read that makes you want to get sewing and share in the wonderful world of handmade. I am so proud of The Sewists and thankful to all the designer-makers who took part in the project. It was a big undertaking, but it was a totally worthwhile one.

One of my fondest memories was the time spent at Fringe, styling the projects for the photo shoots. I spent several joyous hours plotting the images and sourcing props and backdrops to show off the work of the designer-makers who had entrusted me with their beautifully crafted samples. Seeing Sam Walton’s photographs for the first time was a great feeling. We took so many snaps on the day, I thought I’d share some of them with you here, they may not have made the cut book-wise, but they are smashing all the same.

The Sewists is available from Laurence King, my splendid publisher. See if you can spot the book out in the wild and do let me know where you find it.  I’m going to be book hunting in bricks and mortar shops- why not order a copy from your local independent bookshop?

Happy sewing folks!

The Sewists: An Inside Look

With The Sewists on its way this week, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into the book with a few splendid pages. Even though I’ve been in possession of the book for a fair while, I still really enjoy looking at it – I hope you will too.

Oh Sweet Joy P

Cross Stitch
Megan Hunt

Simple Zip Pouch

The Sewists Apron P

The Sewists: Sort Your Sewing Space

When researching The Sewists I saw many a workroom, studio and sewing nook, so when The Sewing Directory asked for my thoughts on how to sort your sewing space – I couldn’t resist.


I have always been the tidy sort, taking great pleasure in organising and putting things away. My workspace is always changing as I move between tasks or need some fresh inspiration, but I always love working in it and having a place to indulge my creativity. You can have a little peek at my sewing space in the introduction to The Sewists.

The Sewists Josephine Perry Blog

My Makes: The Zipped Purse

I have made many a zipped purse in different shapes and sizes, in fact there is a great tutorial for one in The Sewists if you fancy giving it a whirl.

Josephine Perry Zipped Purse

This is one of my favourites, it is made from a vintage fabric I spotted at the Country Living Fair from Calon Company a couple of years ago. The Calon stand is actually one of the best at the show and I always find something great to add to my stash.

I am very fond of the bright orange zip and the print never bores me. When I was working out sizes I made it long enough to accommodate a hairbrush in case of emergency preening. It’s great how versatile these purses are, plus they make a lovely handmade gift that you can personalise to your heart’s content.

My Makes: English Paper Piecing

Whenever anyone asks me about starting to patchwork, I always say that if you don’t start, you won’t finish. I spent years looking at patchwork quilts, touching the different prints, wondering if I’d ever get round to sewing one. Then one fateful day I just did it.

Patchwork Collage

The fabrics come from a variety of sources, some are precious old ones that would have been left languishing in a cupboard if I hadn’t embarked on this project. I think a quilt is a good way to preserve and appreciate the treasured pieces in my stash; enabling them to be useful as well as beautiful.

This patchwork only comes out sporadically (thanks Clueless) and every time I marvel at the colours and the patterns. I love the crinkle sound of the paper and the tiny stitches I have to pop my glasses on to achieve. I have no idea when this project will be completed- but it will, in time and then I will probably start another one because as Mary Poppins said “Well begun is half done.”