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Lovely Old Books: Things to Make and Do the Whole Year Through, 1955.

I can never resist picking up old craft books when I’m out and about seeking vintage treasure. Often you don’t get any information on the author and in some cases not even the year of publication, which I always like to know. However a child’s scrawl on the ‘This Book Belongs To’ page is simply delightful.

This book is particularly jolly, I would have been overjoyed to have 365 suggestions for things to do when I was a youngster. Some of the ideas are a little bit antiquated but overall lots of the little projects would be suitable for kids and grown ups alike to try now.

The inside cover illustrations are pleasing too, very mid century in style.

I’ll be sharing more from this book in my regular Something for a Sunday posts, why not give the ideas a whirl?




  • Reply steve cook |

    We had this book at the time and loved it….then it disappeared and we’ve searched for years…..do you happen to have an idea where I may obtain a cop?..

  • Reply Derek Keen |

    I remember this book from my childhood. My sister and I used it over and over. So lovely to see it again. I remember the particular page about making toffee – we made loads when mum was at work and it was different every time!