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Tutorial: Our Josephine Sews… How to Finish your Patchwork ( bias binding free method)

Your patchwork has been planned, sewn and now you’re ready for the finish. There are lots of ways you can complete a simple quilt: the method you choose can be down to personal taste, time constraints and even the space and materials available to you. I tend to opt for the hand tie method; it is straightforward and once the skill has been acquired it can be adapted further to suit your style. This is a speedy finish with no bias binding – it turns out really well.

Final Patchwork Tutorial

You will need:

  • Your Patchwork
  • A Piece of Cotton Batting the Same Size as your Patchwork
  • A Piece of Cotton Backing Fabric the Same Size as your Patchwork (I used a vintage brushed cotton)
  • Quilting Safety Pins

Create your Quilt Layers

1. Place your patchwork on a flat surface, right side up. Put your backing fabric on top, right side down. Now add your batting. Make sure all three layers line up on the sides and at the corners. Pin all the way around.

Patchwork layers

2. Mark a 15cm gap at the bottom, leave this area unsewn to enable you to turn the whole thing right side out. Sew around with a 1cm seam allowance. Clip the corners and trim any excess fabric away.

3. Turn your quilt right side out, push the corners out and press. Sew up the gap at the bottom using a neat little ladder stitch.

Hand Tie Layers

4. Place your quilt down on a flat surface and smooth it out. Pin through the layers in the 6 corners where your quilt blocks meet.

5. One by one remove your quilt pins and create your ties in their place. Using a needle and thread (doubled with no knot) pass the needle through close to where the fabric corners meet and bring it up on the other side, leave a nice long tail. Repeat and then taking both tails tie a couple of knots as close to the fabric as possible.

Final Patchwork Tutorial Needle in Fabric Final Patchwork Tutorial Tie
6. You could also use tapestry wool or embroidery thread to create your ties. You can even sew buttons in place of the ties, create covered ones in the same fabrics as your quilt for an extra special finish.

Now you have your completed your first quilt, give it a wash and let it dry naturally. Your quilt with wrinkle and soften over time in a really pleasing way.