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Adventures in Upholstery: The Drop-In Seat

I was raised in a haven for abandoned junk shop treasures. Mum and dad were always doing something, fixing things up – making do and mending. So it only makes sense that I like to do the same because at home we were doing it before it was trendy, in the days before it was on the telly box.

Not that I mind that everyone seems to be at it these days, it does mean that the internet is packed with great tutorials, courses are plentiful and Pinterest is the best place to discover what’s what.


So, when these beautiful chairs were passed on to me I knew I had to give them a little respect and a touch of my style. In the past I would have just covered over the existing fabric and been entirely satisfied, but this time I stripped it all off (including the ancient stuffing which required me to don some fetching goggles and a mask) and saw the glory of the construction underneath.

I used vintage fabrics and some bamboo cotton batting from my stash. I purchased the foam from a seller on eBay who cut it to the right size. Then I employed a staple gun to get the whole thing to hold together.

If you want to know how to cover a drop-in seat yourself I found this blog especially helpful when I needed to clarify my knowledge.

It took about 90 minutes to do two chairs, and now I want to reupholster every other chair I own.