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Our Josephine… New Adventures in Childrenswear


Woodland Rainbows and Retro WAHM Weds

Hello Folks! You may be wondering what I’ve been up to since the flurry of sewing tutorials I posted last year. Nobody tells you that when you have a baby, the time when they are small and mostly sleeping is the time to get things done. As the naptimes dwindled, so did my ability to sew and keep up with the wonders of social media; and so time passed, and my sewing pace slowed.

This year my little girl LP turned one, we relocated to the wonderful North West, and I began to put into action my plans to work from home and take care of her – ably assisted by her doting Nanny. Just like LP, everything is in its infancy and I have to embrace the process as well as the end product.

Even before I became mum to LP I had sewn several frocks in anticipation of her arrival. Making for her seemed like the most hopeful preparation; in my mind, I was creating memories with the stitching, and felt nostalgia for a time that was yet to arrive. When LP did make her appearance I was keen to dress her in handmade threads and so just kept sewing the frocks in a variety of prints and growing sizes.

Following some lovely compliments and the desire to be able to stay at home with my daughter while doing something other than mum duties, I decided to sew for others.

And so, Our Josephine – For Kids was born. The Etsy shop is now open, the Facebook page is live and I am absolutely thrilled to be sewing little frocks, with cheer to pass on the joy of handmade. I do hope you like them as much as we do.

WAHM Boden collage